Information for medical consumers that took the prescribed medication Propecia and may have suffered adverse effects of this prescription.
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View the litigation information regarding Propecia lawsuits and settlements.
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  • Site seeks to provide the following information.


    Case Evaluation

    Provide a private, no obligation case evaluation to those that have suffered the side effects of Propecia.

    Finasteride Side Effects

    Inform users of prescribed Propecia about the side effects of this medication.
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    Lawsuit Information

    This site aims to provide information regarding ongoing litigation concerning Propecia lawsuits.
side effects

Adverse events associated with taking Propecia.Side effects associated with Propecia and cause for Propecia lawsuits


Prostate Cancer

Some patients have reported an increased prevalence in prostate cancer after taking Propecia as prescribed by a medical professional.

Erectile Dysfunction

A number of patients have reported adverse events of Erectile Dysfunction after taking Propecia as prescribed.


Patients have reported the increased occurrence of depression for those patients that have taken Propecia as prescribed by a medical professional.

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